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Email Marketing remains one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet! However, as the usage of this method is expanding, it is becoming increasingly difficult to launch a successful email campaign. Today there are many regulations that form various boundaries on this form of marketing. In addition, there is lot of competition that may minimize your exposure. Many businesses are finding it more difficult to keep up with the trends and want to turn a…. Click Here to Read More

Pakistan Bulk SMS Marketing

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SMS provides extraordinary opportunity for companies and organizations of all spectrum to send just-in-time information to customers, such as offers, promotions, discounts, product launch, etc. SMS is the most personal mode of marketing as it is one to one, and considered as the most suitable tool for time sensitive marketing. SMS Marketing in Pakistan has a very high read through rate and as mobile phones become more popular than they have ever been, mobile marketing has…. Click Here to Read More

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Advertising, Marketing, Website Promotion and Social Networks are part of everyday life for any business, nowadays. Internet Marketing is the use of Internet to advertise and promote / sell goods and services. Effective Internet marketing requires a comprehensive strategy that synergizes a given company’s business model and sales goals with its website function and appearance, focusing on its target market through proper choice of advertising type, media, and design. Most people do not…. Click Here to Read More

Facebook Power | How To Build A Powerful Facebook Presence

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…. Click Here to Read More

Mailigen – New Generation of Email Marketing


Advantages of Web Based Email Marketing Providers Many marketers and online business owners are not aware of the advantages of web based email marketing providers over purchasing their own software. While there are pros and cons for either side, professionals tend to choose web based email marketing providers for several reasons which we will discuss in this article. When it comes to building and maintaining a successful, profitable business it is essential that you make the right choice for…. Click Here to Read More

Email List

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For fastest success of any internet based business and the maintenance of the stability of potential future sales building email list correctly and quickly is very critical step. Maintaining and promoting a self-built email list can be devastating and cost the business a very slow growth/sales rate. However, it is very easy when one has the correct tools and knowledge. Firstly, you need to have your advertisement in place, now the idea is to provide a link that land up in the “landing-…. Click Here to Read More

200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website

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A few website marketing products I can recommend: 200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website A study of 2,000 sites reveals 200 best website marketing strategies. Ebook contains 262 website examples, tips & useful links. 200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website UpstartLiftoff: Comprehensive Website Building to Marketing System New! Unique! Complete Training, Cloud & Cdn Hosting, Ongoing Tutorials. Over 100 current videos. New videos weekly. 15 years website/marketing experience. We build strong,…. Click Here to Read More

Understanding Website Marketing

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Understanding Website Marketing Article by C.J. Preston Understanding Website MarketingIf you are a website owner, whether or not your website is used to sell goods or services, you may be concerned with the amount of traffic that you are receiving. If you rely on your website for income, the traffic your website receives can have a positive or negative effect on your finances. If you are interested in getting the most out of your website, you are…. Click Here to Read More

Streetwise Low-Cost Web Site Promotion

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Streetwise Low-Cost Web Site Promotion Setting up a Web site is just the first step in getting your business online. Getting attention for your site-building traffic, generating leads, and attracting customers is the real key to making money on the Internet. In Streetwise Low-Cost Web Site Promotion, marketing expert Barry Feig shows you how to develop an online marketing plan that will get a Web Site the visibility it needs without breaking the marketing budget and provides you with the…. Click Here to Read More

Mastering Online Marketing: 12 Keys to Transform Your Website into a Sales Powerhouse

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Mastering Online Marketing: 12 Keys to Transform Your Website into a Sales Powerhouse 12 World Class Strategies That Cut Through the Hype and Make Real Money on the Internet “Much like The E-Myth, Mastering Online Marketing, is not just a collection of tools and tactics. Mitch has created a solid step-by step system for you to build and sustain a thriving e-commerce business… Read it. Digest it. Follow it letter by letter. Then get out there and do it – because that’s how…. Click Here to Read More

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