Onsite Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

Computer Doctor offer fast, effective, hassle-free and economical service for on-site computer repair and troubleshooting in your home / office or at our workshops in Karachi, Rawalpindi or Islamabad. We specialize in PC computer repairs. We fix it faster and cheaper than most other repair workshops. We’ll fix your computer fast and our technicians can come to you with all the equipment that may be needed to diagnose/fix your computer problems. We repair all…. Click Here to Read More

How to block any website?

how to block any site

Block a Website on Your PC 1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. If Windows is not installed on C:, substitute the appropriate drive letter. 2. Double-click hosts, and select Notepad when Windows prompts you to choose a program. If you don’t get the prompt, or if the hosts file opens in another program, open Notepad (Start, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad), and then navigate to hosts by clicking File, Open within Notepad. 3. Place the cursor…. Click Here to Read More

Fix Windows Errors Optimize PC

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All in one PC Suite – Fix Windows Errors ! SmartPCFixer™ is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system settings. You can scan, clean, optimize, and keep your PC much healthier with it ! Scan & Clean SmartPCFixer™ will help identify and fix Windows’ invalid registry entries. By running Scan & Cleaner as part of scheduled maintenance, it will keep your PC from freezing or frequent crashes . Using it…. Click Here to Read More

Buy Research Paper Online

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If you are, a student and you have too many classes and are unable to devote your time in preparing a term paper yourself. Unfortunately, schools do not teach students many tips and tricks for writing research papers or term papers quickly. Student sometime feels pressured to produce research paper in less time and submit it. Most of the students turn to plagiarism or buy plagiarized research paper. This will definitely affect their education. Now for students there are available many…. Click Here to Read More

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

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Common Keyboard Shortcuts Shortcut Keys Function Display or hide the Start menu. +BREAK Display the System Properties dialog box. +D Minimizes all Windows and shows the Desktop +E Open Windows Explorer +F Search for a file or folder. +F+CTRL Search for…. Click Here to Read More

How can I get into My Computer properties for troubleshooting without a mouse?

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by Stephanie Booth Question by djnp: How can I get into My Computer properties for troubleshooting without a mouse? My mouse is not working and I need to open the My Computer icon and I’m not sure what buttons to use. Best answer: Answer by Lindsay GOn the key board click the windows button (should be under the z button) and then use the arrow key to move up. Know better? Leave your own answer in the…. Click Here to Read More

What is the difference between diagnosing and troubleshooting in computers?

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Question by sheryl lyn b: What is the difference between diagnosing and troubleshooting in computers? I know that these two were generally connected but there must be at least a difference or a specific difference between the two. That is what i want to know. Can you please help me explain this matter? Thanks a lot for your ideas. Best answer: Answer by CribbageThe two could be used synonymously, but if I were to be pinned down on a difference, I would say that diagnosing a problem…. Click Here to Read More

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance

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Troubleshooting Oracle Performance What do you do when your database application isn’t running fast enough? You troubleshoot, of course. Finding the slow part of an application is often the easy part of the battle. It’s finding a solution that’s difficult. Troubleshooting Oracle Performance helps by providing a systematic approach to addressing the underlying causes of poor database application performance. Written for developers by an application developer who has learned by doing…. Click Here to Read More

What is the best way of troubleshooting printers?

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Question by rasz: What is the best way of troubleshooting printers? I have a desk jet printer. It is printing so slowly. It takes upto to 45 min printing and the paper comes out printed half the page.What is the problem? Best answer: Answer by BorsYour printer is probably full of paper jam. This yummy substance is good on bagels and toast, but not good in printers. I recommend a power washer of at least 2600 psi to clean out the jam. Add your own answer in the…. Click Here to Read More

What are the steps to troubleshoot a compaq presario laptop?

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Question by someone that needs help: What are the steps to troubleshoot a compaq presario laptop? My laptop is suddenly not recognizing my ethernet cord :-(. When I right click the network icon(computer things with the red X) and click diagnose and repair it says a cable is not plugged into the network adapter “local area connection”. I live on a college campus so I don’t have a router or anything we just use ethernet cords. Help help help! Lol Best answer: Answer by Remalda Ljust like…. Click Here to Read More

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